Our polyurethane, EPDM, EVA, PE, nonwoven products have an extensive usage in the insulation part of the automotive industry which requires the highest quality products being the most important starting point.

We design and produce all insulation materials used in a wide product line ranging from heavy commercial vehicles to passenger cars and from caterpillars to light commercial vehicles.

Combining our experience built up over many years with the state-of-art production technology, we have brought up our experience to the highest standards which will meet all conditions and criteria of the automotive sector.

All the products within the structure of Arslan Sünger are produced using the latest foam rubber processing techniques for the automotive sector.

The products we produce are successfully applied and used without any problems in the automotive sector for:

  • Engine sound insulation,
  • Engine heat insulation,
  • Reducing the noise from the asphalt pavement and shaft,
  • Dust and liquid insulations inside the dashboard,
  • Sealing and vibration emissions inside the mirror and door panels,
  • And below the trim parts inside the boot