Building and Construction

Good insulation means a good future.

We produce and process many of the technical materials required for the insulation purposes in the construction sector in our modern facilities.

One of the best heritages to be left to the future generations is the clean environment, clean world.

Therefore, all the insulation materials to be used in construction sector have a great importance.

Non-Flammable Acoustic Foams, Rebonded Foams, Polyethylene Foams that we produce

Acrylic and Bitumen Impregnated Foams, Rubber Foam Sponges which we currently produce are among our products successfully used in sound and heat insulation and water sealing in the construction sector.

The products we produce are successfully applied and used without any problems in the construction sector for

  • Sound and heat insulation and water sealing,
  • Deadening the noise of air-ducts,
  • Underfloor heat and sound insulations,
  • Dust sealing and water insulations under ridges and eaves,
  • AC pipe insulations,
  • Sound and heat insulations under parquets.