Electric - Elektronic

The best way to test our products and innovations we have developed is to test their quality through applying them in the product you produce.

The insulation materials we produced have been tested by the important brands of Turkey and World and they have been used for many years in the products they produced.

Arslan Sünger will find a place for itself in the future of insulation sector with the materials it develops and produces to enable many companies to produce products of higher quality.

Arslan Sünger reveals its technical data and product information required for its customers, making production in Electric-Electronics sector, to create the best solutions.

The products we produce are successfully applied and used without any problems in the Electrics-Electronics sector for

  • Packaging of the electric-electronic devices,
  • Dust insulation and water sealing,
  • Sound insulation,
  • Filtering and purifying,
  • Protection against scratches and mounting.