Arslan Sünger

Arslan Sünger ve Plastik San.Tic. Ltd. Şti. has been founded in Istanbul in 1979. Its modern facility in Çatalca has 7.000m² of indoor space and has the sector's developed machinery. All types of sponge materials can be shaped by adding them quality in our factory which has the IIATF 16949 quality system. Our company is proud of ranking among the credible industrial insulator suppliers of Electrical Household Appliances, Automotive, Construction, White Appliances, Maritime, Health and Retail sectors.

Our cost-efficient insulation products produced by our expert staff, which has exceeded the regular production mentality and adopted the unlimited customer satisfaction as a principle in our company, are used by the world's leading brands as problem-free and without any hesitation while the leading brands of our domestic market are also benefiting from our quality products.

As Arslan Sünger ve Plastik San.Tic Ltd Şti, we meet the requests and needs of our customers completely, in a timely manner and by offering top-notch products within the field of our business comprised of foam rubber and its derived products.

While maintaining all these, we perform the production stages with our responsible and conscious administrators and employees who comply with the legal regulations while also continuously revising and renewing ourselves according to the latest technological developments.