Prioritising the quality in all sectors, our company has a very high quality, comfortable and long-life product range in the furniture and mattress sector.

The quality of the bed you use to sleep is one of the key factors of a good sleep. The quality of the sleep is directly linked to the quality of the foam rubber selected for the bed.

At this point, it is very important that the foam rubber to be selected for the bed is proper and of high quality.

The latest point the bed foam rubbers have reached in today’s technology is the orthopaedic viscoelastic foams.

Viscoelastic foams meet all the needs expected from a bed for a quality sleep by distributing the body weight and pressure.

Viscoelastic foams, which minimize the muscle and joint pain during sleep, helps you have an uninterrupted and long sleep since they minimize the turning in sleep

Orthopaedic beds are generally defined as the beds that allow the spine to stand straight by adopting the natural form of the body. Therefore, they enable a good sleep by adopting the natural form of the body. Furthermore, they provide a cool and comfortable sleep by not keeping the body heat on themselves thanks to their special chemical composition and the air channels opened on their top.