Our products, which we have developed for providing solutions to noise and acoustic problems in the yachting sector growing and developing day by day in our country, are used without any problems by the speed boats, fishing boats, towing boat series, mega yachts longer than 50 metres, motor yachts, wooden gullets and sailing yachts produced in Turkey today.

The products we produce for the yachting sector, in which the foremost elements are safety, aesthetics and functionality, meet the LLOYD and TSE standards.

Our products provide solution without losing anything from the aesthetic appearance while also allowing a successful application at various application points with different composite selection.

Non-flammable sound insulation foams are combined into composites with lead and EPDM layer, embossed aluminium, polyurethane film, non-flammable fabric and vinyl.

Thus, bringing the high decibel noises to standard levels with the use of lead and EPDM heavy layer, reflecting the heat with the use of embossed aluminium, cleanable and long-life insulation with the use of polyurethane film, and a bright, spacious and decorative application with the use of non-flammable fabric and vinyl will be maintained.

The products we produce are successfully applied and used without any problems in the marine sector for;

  • Sound and heat insulation and water sealing,
  • Deadening the noise of engine rooms,
  • Thwart and sun cushion applications,
  • Engine vibration insulations.