Non-flammable Acoustic Foam

It’s the high performance acoustic foam which has fire retardant and has perfect sound absorption values. Having an excellent sound absorption performance, this product does not undergo any abrasion even in high air speed conditions. It does not spread as particles in the air. Working with maximum performance between medium and high frequency range, non-flammable acoustic foams demonstrate a high performance in the insulation and acoustical arrangement of sound with the addition of materials such as lead &PVC barrier. Its chemical contents do not contain hazardous waste and they do not release toxic gases as a consequence of burning.

Their acoustic performances are increased by shaping their surface structures to egg shaped, pyramid shaped and labyrinth shaped forms. They are used for acoustical arrangement purposes in all noisy environments and used as sound absorber in generator rooms and compressor rooms, rooms of industrial machines and ventilation ducts. They are also used for insulating the motor sounds in automotive and white appliances sectors.