They are used in different types and structures in various industrial fields. They are used with various contents in places where high technical features such as high temperature, high pressure, high resistance, frictional resistance and sound insulation are required.

Nonwoven adds high tensile-shear resistance to the foam on which it’s applied while it also adds properties such as abrasion resistance, impermeability and fire resistance. They are also used separately as sealing gaskets in some applications. Some types are also used in the filtration of dust and liquid, and these types of filter mats are suitable for numerous times of use since they are washable. Particles in various sizes can be filtered very easily by choosing the proper weight in grams, correct thickness and pore structure. They are frequently used in dust filters of electric vacuum cleaners.

Generally produced through needle method, many industrial filter mats which are produced by pressing method are used as indispensible insulation elements of the industry. They have polyester, cotton, geotextile and phenolic types. Phenolic filter mats used in automotive and white appliances industries can be given two or three dimensional form through thermoforming. Having high temperature resistance, these products are also good sound insulating materials.

They can be shaped easily through applying heat whereas they are made flameproof with the addition of phenol into the structure. Having a structure suitable to be formed by heat, phenolic felts are widely used in automotive sector.