Package is one of the important parts of our life in each period. Our aim and effort is to see the packaging needs of our customers from their point of view and meet their needs in the best way possible.

As Arslan Sünger, we have dedicated ourselves to offer the products of highest quality to our customers. With our very wide range of packaging products, we continue to offer aesthetic and reliable solutions to your products which are so delicate for you.

Arslan Sünger will create new standards by implementing the latest technology and services for your needs regarding packaging, and will always keep your product and your company one step ahead in competition.

The products we produce are successfully applied and used without any problems in the Package and Packaging sector for

  • Packaging of the electronic devices,
  • Packaging of Glass and Porcelain products,
  • Packaging of souvenirs,
  • Packaging of Gold and Jewellery products,
  • Packaging of household electrical appliances.