Polyurethane Foam

It is the foam group which has the widest use both in daily use and industrial applications. They are widely used in furniture, textile, automotive, white appliances, construction, cleaning, medical, marine, sport and packaging industries.

Products which are used in various types and ways for adding comfort to almost all areas of our lives today are used in sectors, for which we make production, in industrial applications for acoustic insulation, heat insulation, water sealing, sealing purposes, filtration, shock absorption and as abrasives.

Foams, which are produced in two types as polyester and polyether based, create wider areas of use with their hard or elastic types depending on the chemical additives used in them.

They are produced by being given any shape with the low-pressure or high-pressure production techniques and as continuous.

They are not only used as single components but also used by means of adding various double-sided adhesive tapes in industrial applications. Their resistance against aging and deformation is increased by foils, films and textile coatings applied on them.

Their performances are increased for acoustic applications by shaping their surface forms to egg shaped, pyramid shaped and labyrinth shaped forms.

Availability of production in unlimited colour, density and different pore sizes provides them a considerably wide area of use.