All products within the structure of Arslan Sünger are produced for our customers, by using the high-end foam processing technologies.

Aiming to be the first choice and quality leader continuously with the products we have produced, our company is able to make defect-free production in its modern facilities by bringing together the quality and speed factors of the present-day. We produce and process many of the technical materials, which are required by our customers, in our modern facilities.

Highly experienced in developing and producing technical products, our company exerts effort to keep its product range in insulation sector always innovative and wide.

We always keep your product and your company one step ahead in competition with Arslan Sünger by implementing the latest technology for your needs.

Arslan Sünger will find a place for itself in the future of insulation sector with the materials it develops and produces to enable many companies to produce products of higher quality.